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Private Advanced Training ➡️ 4-Step Framework to Consistent Evergreen Sales 
on Autopilot

Pssst! Fill out your application as soon as possible so we can send you the advanced, VIP training with all the details about how you can grow your business with evergreen groups & ads!

Private Advanced Training ➡️ 4-Step Framework to Consistent Group Program Sales 
on Autopilot

Automate your Sales by Going on Evergreen

We help our clients turn their coaching into an automated, easy-to-run $1k-$3k group program and start making sales on autopilot 

(without having to DM people, run discovery calls, struggle with the social media algorithm, or create new content every day)


This new business model was built out of necessity.

In 2016, I burnt out completely. After three years of launching, posting all day on social media, and always having to do MORE MORE MORE in order to grow... I came to a point where my body screamed STOP!

I started having daily panic attacks, developed depression, and I felt lost. 

I loved my clients, but the way I was going just couldn't continue.

Since then, I've tried a LOT of things to try to grow without working so hard. There were even times where I tried to convince myself to just "get over it" and that I can "suck it up."

But honestly? All of the strategies I was taught were exhausting:

❌ Doing 10-day livestream live launches
❌ Doing endless sales calls
❌ Charging high ticket for all my programs
❌ Having to post on social media daily to stay on top of mind
❌ Constantly having to come up with new, fresh ideas to stay relevant
❌ Having to TRY SO DAMN HARD

I needed to heal. I couldn't keep having my business rely on me so much. What was I doing all of this for? To work until I die? That wasn't what I wanted. 

The saddest part was due to this all of this exhaustion I began to fall out of love with coaching. And that was honestly heartbreaking because I LOVED supporting my clients. But the process to ENROLL them in the first place? Was just too much.

So I changed it all.

Fast forward to today:

✅ My business brings in upwards of $50K months
✅ I usually work only 10-20 hours a week
✅ I have no full-time employees and my profit margins are 👌
✅ I have my BEST WORK get seen in front of new people daily without posting on social
✅ People buy my course-based membership program every week on autopilot
✅ I haven't done a sales call in over a year
✅ I have a range of prices that work for all people in my community
✅ My main program is mid-ticket priced, which creates sales without me talking to anyone
✅ Charging mid-ticket allows me to only work 2-3 hours PER MONTH to deliver
✅ I work with the most committed and incredible clients

My life has absolutely transformed by adopting this new business model. I call it the Evergreen Experience model, which is a combination of evergreen automation and live (optional) activities. 

My business is now REPEATABLE, SCALABLE, and mostly AUTOMATED.

I made money when I had COVID and all I could do was watching Friends on the couch.
I made money when I was on my 6-day vacation in Hawaii with my friends and partner.
I made money while traveling to Europe.
I made money while going on a shopping spree with my personal stylist.

This has been my secret weapon since 2020. And I have only this year started teaching my private clients about the strategies that got me here. 

And now I'm ready to start taking on more clients to teach this process to, as well. 

This isn't just about how to create a course. Or how to run a webinar. It's about building an entire EVERGREEN EXPERIENCE business model that can serve you for years to come.


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The Evergreen Icon is like no other program you've experienced before.

Evergreen Icon is a coaching, mastermind + implementation program, where you will get direct personal guidance and coaching from me and my team directly, to help you build, grow, and scale on evergreen. 

We will help you every step of the way:

→ Creating the RIGHT group program offer to sell on evergreen 
→ We'll help you position and communicate it so it actually sells
Planning and executing your scalable automated launch
→ Running paid ads (we'll provide you guidance, management support, and more)
→ Automating your sales with a high-value masterclass strategy
→ Build strategic flash sales and low ticket offers
→ Creating a long-term sales sequence to drive more sales 
→ Upselling clients into high ticket programs without any objections

We will take you from A to Z to help you build, grow, AND scale your group program as well as all supporting offers, all the things I've done to help me reach upwards of $50k months without sales calls, lots of social selling, or dancing on TikTok.

Now it's your turn. I'm here to guide you.

** Please note this is not a DIY course, this is a coaching + mastermind program

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In this advanced training, I'll outline the entire 4-part framework you can use in your own business. I'll also explain next steps and give you the opportunity to join as a founding member of The Evergreen Icon so I can personally help you build this entire business model in depth, step by step.

Evergreen Icon is a brand new group coaching and mastermind program for coaches, healers, service providers, and course creators who want to scale their business by redesigning their business model from being reliant on freelancer tactics to a real CEO approach.

In Evergreen Icon, we will show you how to:
  • Create an online course curriculum that will be the basis of your group coaching membership so you can help hundreds of clients get incredible results and transformations while working only 2-5 hours PER MONTH.
  • ​Build an Evergreen Masterclass that will run around the clock, creating value and an impeccable first impression of your work, while selling your program on autopilot
  • ​Build an Automated "Lazy" Live Launch Asset that you deploy anytime for a "rinse and repeat" launch sequence that boosts sales while only taking 1-3 hours total to execute
  • ​Build a long-term Automated Nurture Sequence that nurtures, connect with, and sell to your community every week on autopilot so you can increase your profits
  • Run profitable Instagram and Facebook Ads that will build your community at lowest cost per lead possible every single day, even at a lower daily budget
  • ​Create other evergreen traffic sources and build additional sources of income through YouTube, affiliate sales, partnerships, and more.
  • Build an entire Business Ecosystem that works FOR you, so you can focus more time on what you LOVE without pressure


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